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  • "Organic Leaf" Ring
    "Organic Leaf" Ring
    from (€170) €119
  • Organic Leaf Accented Band
    Organic Leaf Accented Band
    from (€155) €109
  • "Wave Band" Ring mit Steinakzenten
    "Wave Band" Ring mit Steinakzenten
    from (€141) €99
  • "Solitaire Wave" Ring mit Steinakzenten
    "Solitaire Wave" Ring mit Steinakzenten
    from (€170) €119
  • "Janelle" Princess Cut Ring
    "Janelle" Princess Cut Ring
    from (€227) €159
  • "Eternity Ring" mit Kanalfassung
    "Eternity Ring" mit Kanalfassung
    from (€212) €149
  • Eleganter Herzogin-Ring mit Schulter-Akzenten
    Eleganter Herzogin-Ring mit Schulter-Akzenten
    from (€227) €159
  • U-förmiger Beisteckring
    U-förmiger Beisteckring
    from (€198) €139
  • "Shining in Love" Ring
    "Shining in Love" Ring
    from (€227) €159
  • "Vanessa" Bandring
    "Vanessa" Bandring
    from (€198) €139
  • "Graceful Shine" Vintage Ring
    "Graceful Shine" Vintage Ring
    from (€255) €179
  • "Magical Affinity" Ring
    "Magical Affinity" Ring
    from (€184) €129
  • "Tangled in Love" Ring
    "Tangled in Love" Ring
    from (€141) €99
  • "Stones Woven in Love" Ring
    "Stones Woven in Love" Ring
    from (€170) €119
  • "Milana" Ring
    "Milana" Ring
    from (€284) €199
  • "Love All Around" Ring
    "Love All Around" Ring
    from (€212) €149
  • "Enchantment" Solitär-Ring
    "Enchantment" Solitär-Ring
    from (€227) €159
  • "Enchanted" Bandring
    "Enchanted" Bandring
    from (€212) €149
  • "Maxine" Ring
    "Maxine" Ring
    from (€255) €179
  • "Set in Stone" Solitär-Ring
    "Set in Stone" Solitär-Ring
    from (€212) €149
  • "Malania" Bandring
    "Malania" Bandring
    from (€270) €189
  • "Sandra" Solitär-Ring
    "Sandra" Solitär-Ring
    from (€141) €99
  • "Selena" Bandring
    "Selena" Bandring
    from (€141) €99
  • "Andrea" Verlobungsring
    "Andrea" Verlobungsring
    from (€212) €149
  • "Charmed by Love" Ring
    "Charmed by Love" Ring
    from (€212) €149
  • "Intricate Love" Ring
    "Intricate Love" Ring
    from (€227) €159
  • "Mesmeric Love" Ring
    "Mesmeric Love" Ring
    from (€241) €169
  • "Adore and Cherish" Ring
    "Adore and Cherish" Ring
    from (€212) €149
  • "Glimmering Love" Ring
    "Glimmering Love" Ring
    from (€170) €119
  • "Blühende Liebe" Verlobungsring
    "Blühende Liebe" Verlobungsring
    from (€227) €159
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Bridal Sets

A bridal set is the most important thing you will ever own, because it is the symbol of your love and of your new chapter in life. When choosing your bridal set, it is important that you love it enough to wear it proudly and happily every day for the rest of your life.

Maybe you’re inspired by vintage beauty and your wedding set looks straight out of the 20s with filigree or an oval stone or rose gold. Or maybe you love classic, timeless elegance and your set is white gold with stunning round or princess cut stones. Or maybe you like a little edge and fun and your set is filled with all the colours of the rainbow!

Regardless of your taste, we have the perfect set for you! Choose your stone; is it a diamond, sparkling Swarovski or birthstone? Then choose your metal and even add a personalised engraving from your fiancé just to you… or even the date of the big day. Whatever your dream bridal ring set is, Jewlr wants to help you make it come true.

Featured Bridal Set

Vintage Diana

An impressive 1ct stone is the focus of this ring, accented by ten 2mm gems on the sides.


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