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  • 7" Flexibler Charm-Armreif in Silber
    7" Flexibler Charm-Armreif in Silber
    from (€70) €49
  • 7.5" Leder-Armband mit Silberverschluss
    7.5" Leder-Armband mit Silberverschluss
    from (€70) €49
  • 7.5" Leder-Armband mit 1.5" Verlängerung
    7.5" Leder-Armband mit 1.5" Verlängerung
    from (€84) €59
  • 7.5" "Schlangen"-Armband in Silber
    7.5" "Schlangen"-Armband in Silber
    from (€70) €49
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Personalised Charms

Each of Jewlr’s charms can be customised to suite your special occasion. Customise a collection of charms that reflects your style and sentiment. Personalised charms are the perfect gift.

Featured Charm

Take a look at this featured Awareness charm. An inspiration from a friend of Jewlr.

"Awareness Ribbon Charm"

The meaning behind the Awareness Charms depends on its colour. Adorn this charm with your choice of coloured gem stone to demonstrate your support for your specific cause.


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